Odisha CHSE Class 12th Time Table 2018 for Arts, Science & Commerce in Online at www.chseodisha.nic.in

Odisha Class 12th Time Table 2018 had issued for arts, science, commerce and vocational groups. Odisha CHSE had issued the 12th time table 2018 in online at www.chseodisha.nic.in in pdf file format and prepare for the examination in better way. Class 12th examination is the most important examination for the students, based on this board examination only students can able to pick the higher studies in universities. So, the time table is the most important one to know the exam study holidays and schedule the exam preparation. Any why, students can use below the time table & prepare well for the examination.  The board will issue the Odisha chse 12th results 2018 in online

Odisha CHSE 12th Exam Time Table 2018 issued in online:

Council of Higher Secondary Education, Odisha which is known as CHSE Odisha, which will conduct the class 12th examination every year.  The board will conduct the class 12th examination by march month every year, for the board will issue the exam notification & admit card by december last week or by january month itself. Based on the exam notification, students have to download both admit card for the students and time table in their official website. Same for this year the board had issue the notification by last week, the examination get starts by 6th march 2018 with English Science- Regular/Ex-Regular papers and ends by 28th march 2018 with Science-Regular/Ex-Regular paper. Actually the time table included with all groups like science, arts & commerce students. Each of the examination having 1-2 days study holidays in between the examination. Using that holidays students can prepare well for the examination and score well.

Odisha  Class 12th Exam Time Table 2018


Date & Day  Subjects (Time: 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM)
06 March,2018 English Science- Regular/Ex-Regular
07 March,2018 English Arts- Regular/Ex-Regular/Distance Education (Regular & Ex-Regular)
08 March,2018 MIL (ODIA)Science- Regular/Ex-RegularMIL (ODIA)Commerce-Regular/Ex-Regular/Distance Education (Regular & Ex-Regular)
09 March,2018 Other MILs (Regular/Ex-Regular/Distance Education)HindiBengaliTelguUrduSanskritALT. EnglishArts- Regular/Ex-Regular/Distance Education (Regular & Ex-Regular) Commerce-Regular/Ex-Regular Distance Education (Regular & Ex-Regular)Science- Regular/Ex-Regular
10 March,2018 IT  (Information Technology), Science, Commerce, Arts-Regular/Ex-Regular, Computer Science- 614 R/614 E,BIO- Tech, Electronics, Science – Regular/Ex-Regular
12 March,2018 Political Science, Arts-Regular/Ex-Regular/Distance Education
13 March,2018 Physics-603 R/603 E, Science-Regular/Ex-Regular, Accountancy-803 R/ Distance Education, Accountancy-803 E/ Distance Education, Commerce- Regular/Ex-Regular/ Distance Education
14 March,2018 History-715 R/ Distance Education, History-715 E/ Distance Education, Arts- Regular/Ex-Regular/ Distance Education
15 March,2018 Integrated Vocational Subject for Arts, Commerce & Science, Tourism & Travel management-815 R/E, Office Management-812 R/E, Banking-823 R/E, Printing Technology-825 R/E, Information Technology-827R/E, Arts/Science/ CommerceAutomobile Technology-627R/E, Dairying (DAV)-629 E/E, Electrical Domestic Applications-633 R/E, Mobile Technology-635 R/EScience
16 March,2018 Chemistry-605R/605EScience- Regular/Ex-RegularBusiness Mathematics & Statistics- 805R/Distance Education, Business Mathematics & Statistics- 805E/Distance Education

Commerce- Regular/Ex-Regular/Distance Education (Regular/Ex-Regular)

17 March,2018 All Language Optional(Regular/Ex-Regular/Distance Education)Odia- 708R/ Distance Education, Odia- 708E/ Distance Education, Hindi- 709R/ Distance Education, Hindi- 709E/ Distance Education, Bengali- 710R/ Distance Education, Bengali- 710ER/ Distance Education, Telugu- 711R/ Distance Education, Telugu- 711E/ Distance Education,

Urdu-712R/712E, Sanskrit-713R/Distance Education, Sanskrit-713E/Distance Education, Arts-Regular/Ex-Regular/Distance Education (Regular/Ex-Regular), Elective Sanskrit- 626R/626E

19 March,2018 Mathematics- 607R/607E, Arts-Regular/Ex-Regular, Science-Regular/Ex-Regular, Home Science-712R/721E, Arts-Regular/Ex-Regular, Business Studies & Management- 804R/Distance Education, Business Studies & Management- 804E/Distance Education, Commerce- Regular/Ex-Regular/Distance Education (Regular/Ex-Regular)
21 March,2018 Geography-620R/620EArts-Regular/Ex-RegularScience-Regular/ Ex-Regular

Logic-720R/Dis.Edu, Logic-720E/Dis.Edu

Arts- Regular/Ex-Regular/Distance Education (Regular/Ex-Regular)

22 March,2018 Statics-624R/624EArts-Regular/Ex-RegularScience-Regular-Ex-Regular



Sociology-723R/Distance.Edu, Sociology-723E/Distance.Edu

Arts-Regular/Ex-Regular/Distance Education (Regular/Ex-Regular)

23 March,2018 Biology – (Biology & Zoology)- 608R & 610R,Science-Regular, Biology-1 (Botany)-608 E, Science Ex-Regular,Insurance 806E/806E Distance Education,Fundamental of Management Accounts- 809R/Distance Education, 809E/Distance Education

Business Economics-808R/Distance Education, 808E/Distance Education,

Rural Development-810E/Distance Education, 808E/Distance Education,

Cost Accounting- 807R/Distance Education, 807E/Distance Education,

Computer Application-811R/811E

Commerce-Regular, Ex-Regular/ Distance Education (Regular/Ex-Regular)

24 March,2018 Economics-717R/Distance Education, 717E/Distance EducationArts-Regular, Ex-Regular/Distance Education (Regular/Ex-Regular)Science-Regular/Ex-Regular

IRPM-II (Personal Management)- 728R/728E


26 March,2018 Other MILs (Regular/ Ex-Regular/ Distance Education)Hindi-703R/Distance Education, 703E/Distance EducationBengali-704R/Distance Education, 704E/Distance Education

Telugu-705R/Distance Education, 705E/Distance Education

Urdu-706R/ 706E

Sanskrit-733R/Distance Education, 733E/Distance Education

Alt. English-707R/Distance Education, 707E/Distance Education

Arts-Regular/ Ex-Regular/Distance Education (Regular/Ex-Regular), Commerce Regular/Ex-Regular Distance Education (Regular/Ex-Regular), Science-Regular/Ex-Regular

27 March,2018 Biology-II (Zoology)-610E, Science-Ex-Regular
28 March,2018 Education-718R/Distance Education, 718E/Distance EducationArts-Regular/Ex-Regular/Distance Education (Regular/Ex-Regular)Indian Music-729R/729E






How to check the time table for odisha chse 2018 in online:

  • We had already listed the url above, http://www.chseodisha.nic.in/ it’s the official website for the CHSE odisha board.
  • The students have to login to this portal and kindly check the bottom of the section “notification” click that one or click view more.
  • odisha-chse-class-12th-time-table-online
  • There you can get the link “Odisha class 12th time table 2018” click that, it will load a time table as pdf file format in new tab.
  • Just right click that document and save it to your system. It will help you most for your study preparation.

More from odisha chse board:

  • The board will also conduct the supplementary examination for chse board class 12th students by june & augest month, students who are failed in main examination.
  • Students can download the odisha 12th supplementary exam time table for above the same links.


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